Soul Profile Reading & Clearing.

The Soul Profile Reading & Clearing is the first and most profound step you can take in order to get to know the real you from a far clearer and higher perspective. This is done through accessing your Akashic Record. This is the foundation reading upon which you understand more about your characteristics at a soul level, so you can begin to make new choices in alignment with who you truly are and start living a life you love.

This reading comprises 3 distinct sections.

The first being about your soul profile –

  • First and foremost you will gain an in depth understanding who you at a soul level
  • Learn about your Divine Gifts – the energies that occur naturally and abundantly in your unique soul. Knowing this enables you to go forth in the world to manifest in accordance to your strengths, gifts and talents.
  • Information about and the number of spirit guides in your inner circle
  • Information about your primary life lesson
  • Your level of connection to your individual inner guidance

The second section of the reading –

  • Defines any negative blocks and restrictions that are limiting the flow of your energy
  • Investigates what choices were made in this and past lifetimes that created these blocks and restrictions. Consequently, you become aware of how these choices that were previously made are affecting you today.

The third and final section of the reading involves –

  • Soul level clearing work. This is done in the Akashic Records and is carried out prior to our session together
  • Active participation in the grounding of this clearing work and the resultant shift in energy through a 21 day Energy Clearing Request is tailored to your specific needs.

As the change in the energy starts to settle whilst doing the 21 day Energy Clearing Request, you may notice some shifts in how you feel. These shifts can occur at your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. They may be minor energetic changes but can sometimes also be quite profound.

Most noteworthy, these shifts and changes are welcome, as they allow us to see life through a new perspective more in alignment with who we are at a soul level. As a result, this allows you to make more conscious and positive decisions towards a deserving life full of abundance.

To Book your Soul Profile Reading and Clearing:

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Soul Profile Reading and Clearing: AUD$ 299.00