I love Doterra Essential Oils!!  They form an integral part of our family and home life and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Essential Oils play a very important role because used correctly, they have the potential to quickly change how both your energy, physical pain and emotions flow.

…….and when there is flow, there is no imbalance or pain

Essential oils are produced by plants to protect themselves from fungus, bacteria, insect attack and decay.  The oils are extracted from the plant and have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic and healing properties on humans (and animals too).

Doterra Oils are 50-70 times more potent than herbs, are beyond organic(certified pure!) and free from pesticides and contaminants. They are natural, safe, simple and effective and can be used for a variety of uses.

Yes…… they are extremely versatile and are a great addition for emotional shifts, cooking, household cleaning, first aid, pain management, immune support, digestive support, personal/skin care and are potent at destroying bacteria and fungus.

These natural chemical compounds may be small, but they pack a punch and are seriously life changing!

How to Use Essential Oils:

Aromatically – rub a drop of oil between your palms and inhale or diffuse. This is ideal for emotional and respiratory support.

Topically – add a couple of drops to an affected area or to the bottoms of the feet (depending on the dilution recommendation of each individual oil). This is ideal for any discomfort, irritation or for an immune boost.

Internally – add to recipes, drinking water or under the tongue (depending on the oil). This method is ideal for a digestive upset or for immune support.

Discover how Doterra Essential Oils can transform the way you manage your health and to become a healer in your own home.