I use a combination of EFT, Liberating Touch and Magnetic Mind principles and processes. Together with Jin Shin Jyutsu and other sequences they clear any blocks and belief systems that hold trauma and presenting issues or emotional discomforts in place.

This in turn disconnects any physical discomfort / symptom we have attached to it. It helps us “rewire” our emotional response to a trigger.  None of the processes and techniques can remove any memories we have experienced in our life. However, they can shift both the way we respond to the memory as well as the intensity associated with it.

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Often called tapping as we tap on pressure points on the face and upper body and we know that tapping on these points is linked to the stress centre (amygdala) in the brain so we end up calmer.

It’s been around since the 1980’s and has been researched in over 20 countries and with over 100 published papers there is evidence that its cognitive element and the subsequent changes in both our body and neural pathways does indeed occur.

It works by balancing the disruptions caused by emotions, memories and traumas which have been stored within us. We release these emotions/memories/traumas whilst simultaneously tapping certain points. Consequently, we allow our body and mind to alter the negative disruption and re balance. These neural changes have a direct impact on the stress centre in our brain.

We all feel physical changes as a result of emotional disruptions, like nausea, anxiety and shortness of breath. A classic example when nervous is “feeling butterflies in your tummy” before an important job interview. This is a physical response to an emotion. Unfortunately we can become attached to the memory of an experience. This can end up affecting both our mental and physical well being as well as the way we view the world.

How do I tap?

Bring up something you would like to work with. Perhaps a problem, memory, pain, anxiety, stress, addiction, food craving….whatever is bothering you.

Once you have identified what you want to work with, give it a rating out of 10.

We then say what the problem is in a statement but this statement crucially has an element of acceptance.

eg. Even though I have this feeling of anxiety, I accept this is how I feel right now.

We then tap on the pressure points using the set up statement and any others that come up until the intensity rating reduces down to zero.

Yes, its that simple! The great thing about EFT is it can be self administered and once you learn the sequence it can be done at home or anytime you need it.

Liberating Touch

LiberatingTouch® allows each individual the gift of connecting and exploring within.  It creates a space where one can connect with oneself with kindness and compassion whilst exploring the source of suffering which can keep them disconnected from their true self.

Connecting to this wisdom within allows us to investigate the root cause of any stress and disharmony that is currently being felt.   Discovering your truth and gaining insight and understanding in order for you to reclaim your power and heal yourself in all areas of your life.

With hands on exercises, sequences, meditative inquiry, drawing, breath work and movement this heart centred therapy opens the door to self understanding, awareness and transformation.

Our personal belief systems and our resultant perception of the world can have a large affect on how we approach and live our daily lives. These beliefs can not only distort our memories but can often cause you to live life in a state of worry, fear, anger, sadness and guilt (sound familiar!) as we rush around in our busy lives. Clearing these with EFT, Liberating Touch and Magnetic Mind can give us a far healthier and more balanced perspective of life.