Life Situation Reading and Clearing:

As its name suggests, this reading is designed for returning clients (who have already done the Soul profile Reading) who want to resolve specific issues they are currently experiencing to help them manifest living a life they love.

This reading centres not only around the current life situations you want to work with but it is also focuses on your intentions of the life you want to create. Being aware of your intentions is a powerful way to start living a life you love.

This session can be very powerful as you actively take steps to clearing the unwanted energy and life situation that has arisen from making negative decisions not taken in alignment with who you are at a soul level.

The clearing work done in the Soul Profile Reading is like peeling an onion. Although negative energy was cleared, seeing and living life through a new clearer and higher perspective can bring about current life situations that need addressing and resolving.

As per the clearing in the Soul Profile Reading, after the clearing has been requested prior to your session, you are invited to actively participate in the grounding of this clearing work and the resultant shift in energy through a 21 day Energy Clearing Request tailored to your specific needs.

Reactions can once again vary as the change in the energy starts to settle whilst doing the 21 day Energy Clearing Request. You may notice some shifts in how you feel. Again these shifts can occur at your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. They may be minor energetic changes but can sometimes also be quite profound.

If this sounds like you and you want to be the powerful creator of your own life experience, then this is the reading you require to get you back on track to living a life you love………..

To Book your Life Situation Reading and Clearing:

If you are ready to book your session, you can do so by clicking on the button below. Once payment is received, you will get an email acknowledging payment, a request to set your life intentions around what is needed to live a life you love and also a time for your appointment.

Life Situation Reading and Clearing: AUD$ 250.00