Relieving the symptoms of physical and emotional imbalances, with a dash of letting go and a large dose of peace….

Recognising that appropriate cognitive functioning, correct body mechanics and emotional health are not only interlinked but fundamental to optimal health, means you can contribute positively to your health and happiness.

I enjoy working with clients who are in physical pain, experiencing tough times and those ready to release old patterns and emotional traumas.

I use a variety of techniques, which I suppose you could say are a combination of science, sound, breath and touch.

The body makes no mistakes…. And this combination of approaches will assist you in relieving your physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

This reconnection, alignment and subsequent integration allows the body to intelligently respond to stress and self-regulate far more beneficially on all levels.

This in turn enables you to move forward to start living a life you love.

We only have the present moment to work with and perhaps all you want is a massage, but for all of us – healing the past opens up a new, liberated future,  standing in our power full of infinite possibilities.

I use a variety of techniques, some hands on and others not. These include

  • Tapping / Touch of certain points on the body  (EFT, Liberating Touch and Jin Shin Jyutsu)
  • Remedial and sports massage, muscle monitoring (Kinesiology),  cupping, myofascial release, trigger point release, neuro muscular facilitation, sports taping, sounding, breathwork and energy body healing.

I also enjoy assisting people on their enlightenment journey.

We can ALWAYS choose a new way of being because change comes though conscious choice not chance….
Taking ownership of your life and where you currently find yourself is the first step forward. To be the best we can be, first we need to get to know and understand ourselves better.

I am committed to assist people who want to reclaim the balance in their life, to heal themselves on all levels physically, emotionally and mentally in order to start living a life they love. I look forward to welcoming you.