My aim is to help you release physical aches and pains, unwanted emotions, reoccurring thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Balancing the disruptive effect these emotions have on our mind and body is also crucial to getting you on the road to living a life you love.
Daily existence can end up being lived through a haze of limiting beliefs, learnt thought patterns and quite often in debilitating, physical pain. All this can leaving us feeling very disconnected from who we truly are.

But we can ALWAYS choose a new way of being because change comes though conscious choice not chanceā€¦.
Taking ownership of your life and where you currently find yourself is the first step forward. To be the best we can be, first we need to get to know and understand ourselves better.

I am committed to assist people who want to reclaim the balance in their life, to heal themselves on all levels physically, emotionally and mentally in order to start living a life they love. I do this through Remedial Massage, Soul Realignment,Kinesiology, EFT and Jin Shin Jyutsu and I look forward to welcoming you.