Property Clearing

The Akashic Records are not only used for soul insights and clearing but can also be used to clear any property you have energetic ownership of. This means a property you either own or rent, an allotment or your office space.

We are usually attracted to a property which is vibrationally aligned to us. Therefore, it is not unusual that after a Soul Profile Reading and Clearing, we can now be a vibrational mismatch to our property. Your once comfortable space somehow doesn’t feel quite right?

However there are other reasons to want a Property Clearing. Have you recently moved into a new property and want the old energies cleared? Are you having difficulties selling your property?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Property Clearing would be ideal for your property and helping you live a life you feel comfortable living in.

Please be advised that Property Clearing can not be carried out on a public space.

To Book your Reading Situation Reading and Clearing:

If you are ready to book this session and start living a life you love, you can do so by clicking on the button below. Once payment is received, you will get an email acknowledging payment and also a time for your 25 minute appointment.

Property Reading and Clearing: AUD$ 99.00