Relationship Reading and Clearing

Relationship Readings are not limited to romantic partnerships. It can be done for parent/child, siblings, close friends and business partners as well. This Reading is designed to offer insight and perspective on how a specific relationships contributes to our own experience.

Relationships play a major role in our personal growth, as we get to learn more about who we are. Therefore this Reading investigates what blocks and restrictions are negatively affecting you, with regards to your relationships.

The Relationship Reading is a beautiful and empowering way to discover the insights and influence the relationships around you are having on you from a soul perspective. Relationships have such a profound effect on our daily lives and understanding these dynamics, allows for great clarity when making positive choices towards living a life you love……

Please be aware, we can only read for people who you are currently intimately connected with, unless we have the consent of both parties. If a relationship is over and someone is no longer in your life then we cannot not read from their records without their consent.

This session can be done for new clients. Although it does not require a Soul Profile Reading, each partner in the relationship having a deeper understanding of their own soul’s gifts, talents and purpose can lead to greater insights from the Relationship Reading. Hence why the Soul Profile Reading and Clearing is recommended as a first step.

After the clearing has been requested prior to your session, you are invited to actively participate in the grounding of this clearing work and the resultant shift in energy through a 21 day Energy Clearing Request tailored to your specific needs.

Reactions can vary, as the change in the energy starts to settle whilst doing the 21 day Energy Clearing Request. You may notice some shifts in how you feel. These shifts can occur at your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. They may be minor energetic changes but can sometimes also be quite profound.

To Book your Relationship Situation Reading and Clearing:

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Relationship Reading and Clearing: AUD$ 250.00