Want to know how to reach the goals you desire in relationships, finance and life…? 

Despite trying things over and over you feel like you’re never able to get there…?

Then Circle Of Transformation Coaching is for you…

This coaching will help you:

  • Open to wholeness and learning the art of detachment
  • Keep yourself motivated and in balance regardless of whats going on in the outside world
  • Work with all parts of you that desire to be expressed and/or healed
  • Overcome frustration, procrastination and feelings of failure
  • Realise you are not broken…. you remain stuck because you’ve been trying to fix your self

Understand your mindset:

  • Recognise your common sabotage pattern(s) like:
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not capable
  • I’m not worthy
  • I’m insignificant
  • I’m not perfect
  • I don’t belong
  • Understand the role previous experiences and trauma play in your decision making 
  • Consciously choose to make choices free from self sabotage in order to move forward in life

Learn processes for:

  • Change and Transformation
  • Setting true goals
  • Setting up a structure to get you in the flow instead of a stuck or problem solving one
  • Taking action aligned with your goals
  • Living according to your true nature and purpose
  • Releasing family entanglements
  • Living a life you love day after day
  • Having health and vitality
  • Being the main creative force in your life and to choose how you respond



Each week we will have a different topic focused on a coaching outcome mentioned above.

  • We then clear any resistance, self sabotage and blocks that show up (recode process)
  • You receive support when feeling stuck
  • We  focus on how to adopt a positive structure moving forward
  • 60 min zoom sessions (replay available by email)

Cost: AUD 39.00 for a 60 min group session

When: Wednesdays 6pm Australian ACT Time


This 12 week group focuses on how to consciously create and positively impact 4 keys areas of  your life

  • Financial Abundance,
  • Improved and meaningful relationships
  • Your true purpose
  • Health and Vitality
  • Confidence in knowing how to take aligned action towards your goals

Included are

  • Full 28 day Detachment Process
  • Tools and guidance about how to consciously create what you want,
  • Tools, processes and guidance on understanding and letting go of
  • Judgments, trauma and limiting beliefs
  • Negative self talk and hidden agendas
  • Damaging definitions of yourself, others and the world
  • Family history and secondary gain
  • The negative thought patterns and cycles of behaviour that play out in your life.

Each week

  • We clear any resistance and blocks that show up (recode process)
  • You receive support when feeling stuck
  • We  focus on how to adopt a positive structure moving forward
  • Twelve 60 min zoom sessions (replays available in membership portal)

The membership portal includes:

  • Goal setting guide
  • Downloadeable meditations
  • Tools for enhanced transformation
  • Replays (in case you miss the live session)

Cost AUD $1399 for 12 group sessions


  • Follows the 12 week group program format PLUS 
  • Is specifically designed with your individual needs, goals and desires in mind
  • Is tailor made for YOU…
  • This 1:1 coaching program is only for those who are committed to wanting to make serious progress and change in their life.
  •  Six 90 minute and six 60 minute online private consults over 12 weeks.
  • This option requires a Consult Call to ensure we are the right fit for each other

Cost AUD $2100 for 12 weeks private coaching

When: Flexible to suit personal needs