“I went to Wendy feeling stuck, a background rumble of anxiety in my stomach. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what my block was. Wendy helped clear my thinking, I left feeling light and empowered. Everything seemed to just fall into place.” KH

Transformational Coaching Session.

During a bespoke 1-1 Coaching/Life Session, clients get insight and clarity on what it is they want in life and will then clear and release whatever issue, block or resistance is needed to be transformed. Through the use of a variety of tools and processes you gain insight into what self sabotaging mechanisms you are unknowingly using to keep yourself stuck as well as gaining an understanding of why you are attracting this situation in your life and what you can do to let it go. Gaining such clarity and doing any clearing work connected with what is holding you back creates space for new awareness and a clearer path moving forwards.

Transformational Bodywork Session.

We start the session by assessing your needs.  These may show up in the varying levels of the body I work with. It is most commonly persistent pain, feeling stressed or emotional problems that people seek my help with but I also work with the energetic, mental and spiritual levels.

“Body work” means I am usually  in contact with your body using my hands. This allows me to ‘tune in’ to your body, energy and being. Depending on your needs and what needs balancing, having trained in a variety of physical, emotional and energetic healing modalities I use varying hands-on techniques and processes.

In order to relieve overwhelm and stress, chronic tension and pain in the body, it’s important to address the emotional and mental levels at which tension may arise.

Working with the subtler energies in your body, assistance is given with the reconnection between your mind, heart and body. This is done by identifying any blocks, stuck memories and emotions that come up for you during the session and releasing any resistance, stories and beliefs that are holding you back.

This allows the transformational shift of the root cause of tension and stagnation in all levels of the body.

Each session is tailor made for your individual needs and my work will vary to ensure your unique beauty and path is recognised and honoured.