EFT is a form of psychological acupuncture.  Based on ancient acupuncture principles, EFT is a simple procedure. We tap certain points mainly on the head, face and hands as it realigns the body’s energy systems… all without any needles!

How Does Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) work?

It works by balancing the energy disruptions caused by emotions, memories and traumas which have been stored within the body. By releasing these emotions/memories/traumas whilst simultaneously tapping certain points, it allows your body and mind to let go of the negative disruption and re balance.

You can feel physical changes as a result of emotional disruptions, like nausea, anxiety and shortness of breath. A classic example when you are nervous is “feeling butterflies in your tummy” before an important job interview. This is a physical response to an emotion. Unfortunately we can become attached to the memory of an experience and it can affect both your mental and physical wellbeing as well as the way you view the world.

EFT quickly clears any energy blocks and realigns the body and mind with respect to a memory. This in turn disconnects any physical discomfort / symptom you have attached to it. It helps us “rewire” our emotional response to a trigger.  EFT can’t remove any memories we have experienced in our lives but it can shift both the way we respond to the memory as well as the intensity associated with it.