An Applied Kinesiology Balance –  is a gentle, non- intrusive, natural therapy that uses muscle monitoring and its subsequent motor neuron feedback to access the innate bio- feedback intelligence in our body. Every health symptom or dis-ease will have its origin in at least one imbalance within the triad of health.

Therefore, there are three essential elements required for total health and they are collectively known as the Triad of Health:

Structural: Skeletal alignment, stimulation of blocked lymph, posture, walking gait and muscle balance;
Nutritional: Biochemical balance, eliminating toxins
Emotional: Psychological well being focusing on the mind-body connection.

These three elements must be in balance when an individual is seeking optimum health and wellness.

Finding these imbalances within a hands on session at my clinic – is what a Kinesiology Balance is all about. The body is able to reveal the root cause of the disharmony in your body. Consequently a Kinesiology Balance session can help with just about anything with the added bonus of having long lasting, life changing results.

How does it work…..?

By monitoring the muscles in an accurate manner, the client themselves reveal the nature of any imbalances which are affecting the optimal functioning of their own body. It’s crucial you understand and identify these blockages, physical, mental and emotional disharmony and imbalances in yourself. Furthermore, you are in a far better place to take the necessary steps to restore balance and harmony within.

It is a simple, yet powerful way to start living a life you love………

Kinesiology will all enhance the body’s natural healing ability. This is achieved by releasing energy blocks, clearing the mind, eliminating toxins and stimulating lymph and vascular flow. Ensuring correct bio chemical balance, nutrition and skeletal function is vital too . You are then more able to restore and most importantly maintain long term, life changing balance in each Triad of Health.