kinesiologyA Remedial Massage session involves both a thorough assessment and then the subsequent treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue fascia in the body.

I have been providing remedial and sports massage treatments since 2001. Due to my extensive training and experience  I use a variety of both deep tissue and lighter techniques.

I also do cupping, myofascial release, neuro-muscular facilitation, trigger point release and sports taping.

The use of all these techniques enables me to address any imbalances, loss of mobility and function that you may be experiencing. Remedial Massage and the other techniques I use have the added bonus of  improving circulation, reducing pain and bringing a general sense of  well-being. I provide both short term treatment plans for acute injuries through to long term, maintenance programs. This ensures the long term reduction in common stress areas to increase performance, decrease cellular stress and shorten recovery.

The goal of Remedial Massage together with the the other treatments I use, is to return the body’s soft tissue to its original state of balance and health. Ideally, all working parts of the body compliment each other and work together efficiently. Years of incorrect posture, injuries, poor working habits or even incorrect sporting techniques result in a body under stress and in pain.

Remedial Massage, together with the other techniques and treatments I use, is hugely beneficial in putting a stop to the long term “vicious cycle” complaints that I have treated over the years.

What Happens In A Session?

Regardless of your symptoms, your first session with me will start with you explaining your issue.   Where in the body the effects are being felt is the next piece of information I need. Examples are constant neck pain or lower back pain after sitting at work all day. I will then undertake a thorough postural and soft tissue assessment . A treatment plan is devised based on treating the cause of the imbalance and then the session will go ahead. However – please don’t be surprised if that turns out to be in a different part of the body to where the pain is being felt. It’s not uncommon for cause and effect to be in a totally different place. Eg. Lower back pain as the result of limited ankle mobility due to a previous ankle sprain.

The key to long lasting results is only partly down to the treatments received by me (sorry…but it’s true). It’s vital you play your part too.

I am happy to work my magic, but it is important that you understand the cause of your symptoms too.  Tight, contracted muscles, fascia, ligaments or tendons is how you will be feeling these imbalances.  Increasing your awareness and your understanding of what you can do outside the treatment room will minimise the stress and likelihood of recurrence. Examples are correcting an incorrect running style or poor posture when at your computer, home stretching and lifestyle modifications.

Small changes like these can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.